A tour of Londons Central Synagogue

We are delighted to offer tours of our beautiful Central Synagogue. As one of the oldest synagogues in London, the Central attracts tourists from far and wide throughout the year. We offer frequent tours for the general public and for schools.

General public tours

Our visitors hail from all backgrounds. They include people who have researched London Jewry in their far-flung native countries. Or curious passers-by who notice our beautiful stained glass and mosaics on Great Portland Street – and then tentatively knock on our door. Many had no idea that such a magnificent place of worship existed in the midst of London’s bustling West End!

If you would like to visit our Synagogue, it is best to call the office in advance to ensure that someone is available to show you around. If you would like to attend a Shabbat Morning Service, kindly contact the office prior to your visit and we will take your details in advance for our security team.

Please feel free to download our Synagogue Shabbat Service Guide which provides an introduction to the format of our Shabbat Morning Services..

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Photograph of Barry Marcus - Rabbi Video Rabbi Marcus MBE – Tzav

March 17, 2018 Craig Levison

This week’s Sidra is a continuation of the laws and regulations governing the KORBANOT- offerings which were brought on the altar in the Mishkan – the portable sanctuary…

Photo of Rabbi Barry Marcus Video Rabbi Marcus – Vayikra

March 10, 2018 Raquel Amit

  In this week’s sedra we start reading the 3rd book of the Torah. Vayikra means ‘And he called’. The sedra deals with the duties of the Kohanim,…

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School tours

School tours of the Central Synagogue are rewarding experiences for all who take part. Many school children benefit from a wide-ranging Religious Studies curriculum, in which they investigate the central elements of all the major world religions. To bring the theory alive, we very much enjoy showing school groups around the Central Synagogue. We point…

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Virtual tours

View our virtual tour of our synagogue.

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