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JL and DD Hebrew Melody flyer 11 10 2014_000001 Jack Liebeck and Danny Driver Come to Central

October 13, 2014 Abigail Rose

Two of the UK’s best-loved musicians come to Central on the 12th November when they play in a ‘Hebrew Melody’ concert. They will explore music on Jewish themes,…

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Photograph of Barry Marcus - Rabbi VideoRabbi Marcus – Noach

Noach is one of the better known Biblical personalities. He managed to withstand the corrupt behaviour of those around him and was together with his family singled out…

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This week’s shabbat times

Shabbat Starts at 5:34pm on Friday, 24th October

Shabbat Ends at 6:35pm on Saturday, 25th October

This week's sedra is Noach

This weeks service times

This table lists this weeks services
Day Shacharit Mincha Ma’ariv
Monday 07:30 13:15
Tuesday 07:40 13:15
Wednesday 07:40 13:15
Thursday 07:30 13:15
Friday 07:15 17:45
Saturday 09:15 17:35
Sunday 09:00

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