Who Helped Jewish Refugees Re-Settle? A talk by Liran Morav – 18th November


Spiro Ark, Harif, AJE (UK) and Central Synagogue are delighted to invite you to

This is a subject not so well researched in the past so we urge people to attend this unique presentation.

Who Helped Jewish Refugees Re-Settle? 

A fascinating talk by Liran Morav on the essential role played by Organisations and Governments in the integration of Jews

from Arab countries in France and the UK. Liran was born in Jerusalem, and raised there and in different European countries, owing to his father’s diplomatic career.

His research work for the University of Cambridge relies on the analysis of archival sources and interviews with former Jewish immigrants and refugees. Liran’s long-term goal is to draw on the Jewish integration experience to inform contemporary integration policies.

He has unearthed some very interesting and absorbing documents from the period starting with Suez.

His talk will cover Jewish Organisations active in integration (UK, France), relationships between Organisations and government, certain comparative elements France vs UK, or insights about integration from the interviews he has conducted in the UK and France these past couple of years.

Venue: Central Synagogue, 36-40 Hallam St, London W1W 6NW

Date and Time: Sunday 18th November at 19.30

Tickets: £10

Bookings: online on www.spiroark.org , By phone: 02077944655, or email

education@spiroark.org, info@harif.org; AJE Contact: mmaleh62@gmail.com Association of Jews from Egypt


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