Tribute to Fallen Members of The Great War

This Candelabrum is the last remaining item from the part of the Central Synagogue that was destroyed in 1941. It was discovered in our basement by our member Leonard Fertleman and restored to its former glory. It is lit each year of Yom Kippur.

Here is an excerpt from the programme at the unveiling service in the Central Synagogue, September 1920.

“The Candelabrum, which is here reproduced, is intended to symbolize the undying memory of the nineteem gallant officers and men of the congregation of the Central Synagogue who gave their lives during the Great War in the cause of King and Country. From the centre springs a living flame which is reminiscent of the words of proverbs xx 27 ” The spirit of man is a candle of the Lord”.

The names in Hebrew and English, of each of the fallen is inscribed round the socket in which a candle fits, which will burn for 24 hours, and the whole candelabrum will be lit each year for the great Day of Atonement, when the Memorial Service for the Dead is recited in the presence of the Congregation.

In this matter the memory of the fallen will be perpetuated in the House of G-d in which he worshipped”.


Roll of Honour of the Central Synagogue

Sons of the Congregation who fell in the Great War 1914 – 1918

Major Montague N. Abrahams – 16th Rifle Brigade

Gunner M Bernstein  – Royal Field Artillery

Rifleman Noah Boss – Queens Westminster Rifles

Second Lieutenant David T. Cohen – 7th Royal Sussex Regiment

Second Lieutenant Brian C. Davis – 7th London Regiment

Second Lieutenant Herbert Pinder Davis – 12th Essex Regiment

Second Lieutenant Oscar R Frankenstein – 5th Welsh Regiment

Second Lieutenant Braham A Franks – 8th West Riding Regiment

Second Lieutenant C. Freeman – Cowen – Royal Field Artillery

Second Lieutenant Victor Davis Grossman – 24th Northumberland Fusillers

Lieutenant Harry Harris – 10th West Riding Regiment

Lieutenant Cyril Henry  – 2nd Worcester Regiment

Lieutenant R.M. Leveson  – 10th Durham Light Infantry

Second Lieutenant Norman Raphael – 2nd Royal Warwick Regiment

Private  Alfred Rosenbaum – 7th Royal Sussex Regiment

Major Evelyn De Rothschild – Bucks Yeomanry

Second Lieutenant Arthur D Samuel – Royal Army Service Corps

Lieutenant Gerald G Samuel – 10th Royal West Kent Regiment

Second Lieutenant Leonard Solomon – 1st K.O Scottish Borderers

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