Key Points to the Reopening of the Synagogue

Q. When is Central Synagogue reopening for Services?
A. We are planning to reopen on Sunday 5th July for Services. Prior to this date we will have put in place our Health and Safety measures along with Risk Assessment guidelines, as well as carrying out various functions prior to the reopening.


Attending Services

Q. Which services will take place once Central Synagogue reopens?
A. We will be starting by reintroducing the Shacharit services only both during the week and Shabbat,
Shacharit  at 9.00 am on Sunday July 5th.
Shacharit at 7.30am Monday July 6th- Friday July 10th.
Shabbat Morning at 10.00 am.

Q. Will there be restrictions on how many people can attend services?
A. Yes, although the Government are relaxing the social distancing guidelines of 2 metres, Central Synagogue will be operating with a 2 metre distance, this will of course have an effect on the number of people that can attend services.

Q. How do I book to attend services?
A. For both men and women, you are required to complete a sign-up form where you can indicate which services you would like to attend. The sign-up form for the services will open a week prior to the service and will close for weekday services the day before on for Shabbat services on the Thursday before. If you know someone who is unable to book on-line then please ask then to call the office on 020 7580 1355.  You can sign-up by going to

You will not be allowed access the building without pre booking.

Q . Will I be able to bring my children or grandchildren?
A. Unfortunately, no children under the age of 12 will be able to attend at the present time. This is a requirement from the United Synagogue. Children over the age of 12 are very welcome; we just ask that you inform us that they will also be attending, so that the seating in the Shul can be rearranged to accommodate them.


Health Issues

Q. Will I be required to wear a face mask?
A. Yes. We encourage everyone to bring their own face mask. If you are unable to bring your own, we will have disposable face masks available

Q. Will I be required to wear gloves?
A. You will only be required to wear gloves when handling the Sefer Torah and its accoutrements. e.g. when Leining. Gloves should then be removed once no longer required for a task. Gloves will be provided to those who require them.


Guidance for Services

Q. Will I be able to use Central’s Siddurim & Chumashim on Shabbat?
A. As it might be difficult to access your own seats due to social distancing, we will be providing Siddurim and Chumashim for each service. After the Service please place on a designated table which will ensure that these are not used for seventy two hours. (Tallitot will also be available).

Q. Will I be able to use Central’s Siddurim, Tephillin and Tallitot for Weekdays?
A. No. We would ask to bring your own Siddur, Tallit and Tephillin for Weekday services.

Q. What will I be required to do?
We will have Alcoholic Hand Spray pumps available throughout the building and it is essential to use them.

Q. Will I be able to use the toilet in the Shul?
A. Yes, however only one person may enter each toilet at a time.

Q. If I or someone in my household has one or more symptoms of the Virus, or has been asked to isolate by the Government’s Track and Trace Scheme can I attend Services?
A. No. We ask that you follow Government guidelines and self-isolate for a period of seven or fourteen days.

Q. If I or someone in my household has other infections such as a sore throat, cold or any other virus can I attend Services?
A. No. We ask you not to attend until the person is well.

Q. Will there be a place to hang my Coat?
A. No. You will need to keep your coat with you at all times.



Q. What are the roles of the Minyan Ushers?
A. The Minyan Ushers will check that all attendees are wearing a facemask and are compliant with social distancing. They will also be assisting with seating arrangements and ensuring that only one person enters the toilet at a time. If you would like to volunteer for this role, please Email We are looking for male and female members to assist.

Q. How will we navigate through the Shul?
A. There will be a one-way system in place. We ask that when taking your seat for a service that you check you are social distanced from other members. Areas will be marked off as appropriate. Once you are in your seat you will not be able to walk around the Shul or talk to anyone for health reasons and social distancing.

Q. Can I sit in my own seat and how will seats for services be allocated?
A. Seats will not be individually allocated. If possible members will sit in their usual seat or row, but will have to socially distance between another member unless they are a member of the same family.

Q. Will there be a Kiddush following the Shabbat Service?
A. There will not be a Kiddush following the Shabbat Service for the time being.

Q. Will the Shul be cleaned thoroughly between Services?
A. The Shul will be cleaned thoroughly between Services.

Q. Will there be any Singing?
To minimise the spread of anyone having the virus not knowing they are carrying the virus, only the Chazan or person leading the service will be able to sing.


High Holidays

Q What is happening regarding the Services for the High Holidays ?
A. We are awaiting further instruction from the Government, Chief Rabbi and the United Synagogue regarding the High Holidays.

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