It’s enough. Our Chazan starts his diet – Day 4


It’s enough!

Having aimed to start my diet regime 2 months ago, I have now got to a stage where I struggle to tie my own shoelaces, so enough is enough and here we go.
I will write a daily blog and please feel free to contribute and either encourage or ridicule me.
I need to lose just fewer than 2.5 stone (roughly 15kg) to have a bmi in the healthy range. BMI stands for Body mass index and not bring me Ice cream as I originally thought.


day 8


low calorie day and now planning how to handle the weekend so that i just don’t pig 0ut.

Its similar to an an alchoholic going into a bar.its best not to be in the bar.

my “bar” is the “friday night table” .Perhaps i should eat somewhere else and be banned from the kitchen and dining room.

Saturday night we are out for dinner and I will thus eat a lot less during the day and try to select grilled chicken in the evening without the extras



day 7

back again to the 5″2 diet or 6:1 diet or 7:0 diet nevertheless back to eating well.The usual pattern




 DAY 6-7




Not worth talking about really other than to say it was great.


Day 5



1.00 pm and i’ve just eaten my lunch which consist of rabbit leaves and beetroot and yellow pepper.

You know what i have for breakfast stalkers so i’ll leave that out

so i got on the scale this morning and seemed to have lost 2 kgs in 3 days.Probably my scale thats faulty or maybe I’m skinny already.

I know what you are thinking – how long can this rabbit carry on eating like this.But do remember my evening habbits




Lets hope this continues !!!

thats it for the day ,on the whole a decent day,early night so no wasted late night calories.

20.00eat main meal with ruth and i eat shepherds pie and vegetables.Probably a bit too much pie but at least i didn’t eat the whole dose.I eat lots of brussel sprouts and beans

19.00 so i picking from the kids food again and probably put away 100 calories.

5.00 not hungry in the afternoon but at about 5 start to feel hunger pangs so i devour a whole apple.

1.15 Lunch of salad and beetroot and dressing.probably should have carbs but i will keep to for later

12.35 I’m actually getting used to eating less and not concentrating so much on the for a short walk and then back to work.

Breakfast normal,so much for variety!


10.00 i eat some fruit maybe 100 again a weak dinner period but otherwise a good day.i guess its about 900 calories.

6.30 Again the same issue ,I start picking at the kids food  when I sit down with them for dinner.Though I am picking healthy food.

I then eat having grilled salmon and vegetables.

Then I get naughty and pig out on a bit of the left over kids food shepherds pie.Naughty but nice!

4.00 Have gone home to collect kids and I devour a few vegetables.Thats the key veges not sweets.

12.00 Feeling good -skinny already .Dont I wish!.not hungry at all.I am drinking lots of hot water and lemon Juice which is great. A minim yom kippur.The trick is to have something small so that my sugar lebesl don’t go crazy so i will eat half an apple.

9.00am The usual breakfast and feel like Im off to a good start.I feel that I would like to try another 600 calorie day as even though yesterday was better than usual ,my dinner messed up the plan.

Day 2

10.00 a 40  calorie low calorie chocolate drink to end the day.all in all a better day than usual but still not what it should be .Dinner is the weak spot and I need a plan of action.any suggestions very welcome.

6.30 and all the kids are home and eating.This is the most dangerous time as I like to pick at their food while they are eating.So I dive into another room to escape the temptation,but alas my kids want me to sit with hour or 2 of picking then Dinner with Ruth.Eaten a bit too much chicken and 2 plates of vegetable soup.

4.30 and I’m off to fetch my kids and am ravenous.My Nanny has prepared dinner and I attack the beans and brussel sprouts.10 Brussel Sprouts in a going to be sorry later.but at least i have eaten very low calorie foods.

2.38 and my work colleagues have decided that they need chocolate to get them through the afternoon. Knowing full well that I have started my diet and am very susceptible to any outside influences
What’s more they got a 2 for 1 chocolate special offer and are showing off about it on the office.
I open my left over salad leaves and take a bite or 2.
I can do this!!

It’s 12.30 and always a danger period. I always feel that I need to eat now and generally eat a lot so time for a walk. Shoes on and a 30-minute walk. Never ever plan a walk that goes past food shops. The aroma and the pictures in the shops do not help. Rather a walk around a park. Will do this tomorrow.
30-minute fast walk, hopefully 100 calories down and I tuck into a very unappetizing salad. There’s lots of it so it fills me up. No dressing so not so tasty but its ok.

11am and the first hunger pangs start.
A dietician would tell you that now is the time to have a small fruit so as to take away the pangs and keep that metabolism and sugar in check. The 5:2 diet says “tough buddy” detox for 2 days a week
I must say that I have tried this diet before and it was very successful and would have been even more successful if Rosh Hashanah, Sukkot and December holidays hadn’t decided to occur as well.

Day 1

As usual, I eat Bran Flakes and skim milk. For breakfast
BRILLIANT- If I ate like this I would look like Daniel Craig.  I’ve decided to try the 5:2 diet
You eat “normally” for 5 days and for 2 days you are only allowed 600 calories if you are a man and 500 calories for a woman. I’ll stick with 550 just in case!

So today is a 600 calorie day.
I’ve had 200 calories for breakfast and thus have only 400 left. Its basically a starvation good Jewish mother would allow this. Although that’s how this problem originally started.
Have you ever heard a Jewish mother say you cant have seconds or you look overweight

How do you say no to a kneidlach or 2 or 3 on both nights Rosh Hashana and the array of different deserts .Why eat some fruit for desert when you have chocolate mousse or apple crumble or Meringue and Cream and strawberries (fruit-thus healthy) And why stop at 1 portion when you can have 2 incase you get hungry next year.

So I have just had Hot water and lemon juice .I quite like this and it has filled me so I will now wait till Lunch time and see how things are.



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