Introducing our Rosh Hashanah Youth Team!

Read about our team members below and get an idea of what the children will be learning during their special services this year!


Taking our youngest group, catering for ages 0-4 years (held in the toddlers’ room off the Succah), we have Nachamah Orenstein and Raquel Amit. They will be leading a singalong style session incorporating Rosh Hashanah themes, foods, stories and other activities.  Parents are strongly encouraged to participate.



Favourite holiday destination: Israel, because there’s no place like home!!!!!!!
Would love to meet: Mary Poppins – I could really do with a umbrella that flies me from place to place, and a bag as big as hers!!!
Really scared of: Traffic Wardens! They are just so sneaky!
Worst Habit: Driving too fast. I know I’m not the only car on the road, but an experience in my car is a little similar to a rollercoaster ride, so as long as you’re seated, belted and holding on tight, after a few turns you will make it out alright; just a little dizzy.



Favourite holiday destination: Kruger National Park
Would love to meet: The creator of Peppa Pig!
Really scared of: Tarantulas
Worst Habit: Biting my nails when engrossed in a good book!


Taking our next group, ages 5-10 years old are Ingryd London and Hava Kranat.  They will be leading a high energy service full of Rosh Hashanah facts, games, quizzes, points and prizes. You will definitely come away learning a thing or two! This group will be held in a classroom off the Succah:



Favourite holiday destination: Anywhere hot – but so far the Caribbean
Would love to meet: Batman
Really scared of: Spiders
Worst Habit: Leaving things to the last minute –> literally the last minute



Favourite holiday destination: Anywhere that has a good beach! No stones allowed!
Would love to meet: Willy Wonka
Really scared of: doing anything mildly adventurous
Worst habit: needing to sleep before doing anything “big” like flying for 2hrs!


Taking our oldest group, ages 11 up, in the Small Shul, will be Rachel Lermer and Daniel Jacobs. This group will be holding some discussions on the Shofar, people’s perceptions of Jews, the theme of Kingship and Unetaneh Tokef, as well as games and activities. Oh, and they’re also have a kiddush at the start AND end of the Service! 



Favourite holiday destination: India
Would love to meet: Kate, Duchess of Cambridge
Really scared of: Rollercoasters
Worst Habit: Going upstairs to get something and then once I’m upstairs, forgetting what I went to get.



Favourite holiday destination: USA
Would love to meet: Morgan Freeman
Really scared of: Snakes – I hate everything to do with them!
Worst Habit: When friends are telling me stories I have a tendency to try and guess the end of it before they have told me it!

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