Fallen Arches

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An inter-Synagogue bowling event between Marble Arch, St. John’s Wood and ourselves was always going to be a one sided event. However, no one expected the total destruction of our opponents. It was as if the great “Arch” had crashed to the ground and the “wood” in St. John’s Wood, cut down!

Our team consisted of Craig Levison, our administrator, nursing a number of arthritic handicaps, Guy Ornadel, the organizer of the event and Eddie Kilzi, our Israeli commander. We had all lanes covered!

If there were to have been a prize for the best dressed it would have gone to Marble Arch. They all came sprouting their “croc” shirts and I must admit to have been slightly intimidated at first. Their captain Jacob Schmidt admitted he had never really played the game before. We thought this to be a ploy, but after a few rounds we realized he was telling the truth. Their other team members were Schmerl, Yoni Ploni, Motek and Nudnik. These were the names supplied to me. I assume its because they didn’t want to feel embarrassed given their performance!

Finally St. John’s Woods’ team, I think literally got “Lost in the Woods”, as some of their members arrived half an hour late. Which I’m told is what their average finishing time for a Shabbat service is. i.e. a half an hour late! They were led by the very able Philip Garcia, one of the honorary officers.

Away from the pressures of inter-Synagogue matchplay were the social bowlers. You had to have at least one medical condition to have played in this lane.

I was naturally captain with all my complaints and we also had Michael “the fish” Fishberg, Harold “the bridge” Schogger and his wife Daphne, “Chairmen” Laurie and Adrienne Phillips and the glamorous Nicky and Gary Burns.

Half way through the evening we got more backup in the form of Raquel and Yoav Amit, who turned out to be good bowlers as well as Grazyna Solland who really had bowled before, even though she denied this. Lastly, our chief Chef and Cohen, Roger Cohen, made a late appearance in time for the goodbyes.

After a few drinks at the bar, everyone seemed relaxed and “bowling shoes” off to Craig Levison for posting the best score and help leading us to a great victory. The prize? – a week’s rest for his wrist.

All joking aside, this was a very enjoyable evening for all and a chance to mix with other communities. I hope this is the first of many.

Check out the photos from the night here.

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