Purim the festival of “Lots”

Purim 2

Lost of food, lots of music, lots of Megillah, lots and lots of drink, lots of noise, lots of people, lots of fun, lots of community and of course lots of gossip.
All the ingredients for a lovely affair!

The Megilla was read beautifully, as always by Rabbi Lionel Rosenfeld and then down to supper in the Montcalme Suite and an evening of great entertainment .

Purim 1

First up was Nicola Burns and Linda Sharpe, the coming together of the 2 greats from Central and Western Marble Arch. In no time they had everyone joining in.

Then came 2 young kids Ben and Emily Cohen, they were both brilliant singing some modern songs which were enthusiastically received. They are the grandkids of Roger Cohen the Central’s ever faithful Chef and Community Officer. Eric Charles who then gave a splendid rendition of “Lets do it lets fall in love”.  I’ve got to say this dude should have been part of the ratpack, he is so polished and a real performer with a lovely voice. Watch out Chazzan Leas!

A magician then entertained the crowd, he had some great tricks up his sleeve

On the whole a brilliant evening.

The next morning we all gathered at Central for a reading of the Megillah and a sumptuous breakfast. A wonderful party was held in the in the afternoon for kids and families and was hosted by all 3 West End Synagogues.  A great idea and hopefully many more events held together to bring back Jews into the West End.


Purim 3

A very tired “lot” of people retired for the evening overfed, drunk and happy at the thought of how lucky we are.

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