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Pesach is just under 3 weeks away with first Seder Night on Wednesday 8th April. In our unprecedented new reality, it is important to think about practical ways in which we can plan for the festival.

We ask in the Ma Nishtana on Seder night- “Why is this night different from all other nights?” Indeed, Pesach will be different this year. Many of us will not be having a cross generational experience with children and grandchildren at the Seder table. As a community we will not be having our annual communal Synagogue Seder. However, all this does not mean that we won’t be able to enjoy a meaningful Seder and Pesach in our own homes.

Below is a list of ways we can prepare for Pesach this year.

1.       Assistance

If anyone needs assistance in shopping for necessities for Pesach, please do let the Central Community Care team know. Our team of volunteers is here and ready and will try our very best to help. Please contact us on 07931683175.

If you want to be a volunteer yourself please contact


2.       Koshering your kitchen

If you want assistance in cleaning and koshering your kitchen and appliances for Pesach. Please contact  Rabbi Hillel Gruber of Go Kosher (there is a charge for this service).

We will be sending out an easy “How to clean for Pesach” guide in due course.


3.       Selling Chametz

On Pesach, not only do we not eat Chametz, there is a long standing tradition of selling our Chametz before Pesach. Please fill out the online form and send it to the Rabbi by Tuesday 7th April the latest. 

To download a Sale of Chametz form please click here.



4.     Ordering food (Please click the names for access to their website/email)

Kosher Paradise deliver Pesach Food including to Central London.  020 8455 2454. Please place your order as soon as possible.

Hadar will also deliver to Central London 020 8958 4666


Several kosher caterers are supplying ready to eat meals to be enjoyed at Seder and over Pesach. (Including Seder plates) Please see some of their details are below:

Hermolis 020 8810 4321 – orders need to be made by 23rd March

Jasmine 020 8951 0100 – orders need to be made by 1st April

Litke  020 3332 0555  – orders need to be made by 26th March

Kosher London 020 8167 1680

Tony Page 020 8830 4000

Ben Tenenblat 020 8205 0463 – orders need to be made by 27th March

5      Seder Plates

We will also be ordering a limited number of Seder Plates at £20 each for our members (full subsidies available in confidence). Those ordering will be able to pick them up from the shul by arrangement. Contact Naomi on if you wish to order one. (For those who are unable to pick it up we will do our best to get it delivered to you).


Wishing you all a Chag Kasher vesameach


Rabbi and Naomi Lerer

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