Pesach Food Information

Dear Central Synagogue Members,

This Pesach will certainly be different than any that we have experienced before, but we hope and pray that it will be one which is meaningful in spite of the challenging circumstances we find ourselves in. Therefore, to make everyone’s lives easier, the Kashrut department of the London Beth Din have announced guidelines in addition to their regular Pesach products list.

This guidance is attached.

It should be noted, that it is a longstanding custom going back to the beginning of commercial food manufacture in the 15th century that products for Pesach should be manufactured under special Pesach supervision. Nevertheless, because of the current situation, KLBD is permitting the use of some regular products. These leniencies are intended to assist people specifically at this time of crisis, when regular supervised products are not available or if people are in isolation and unable to go shopping themselves or have Pesach products delivered to their home.


Wishing you all good health.


Warm regards


Rabbi Lerer

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