Flow and Restore Yoga with Dina Cohen – Starting 23rd November 09:00

Flow & Restore Yoga with Dina Cohen

Mondays 09:00 – 10:00

Reset and recharge your body and mind with breath-guided, dynamic flowing yoga to mobilise, strengthen and stretch muscles and joints followed with calming and fully supported relaxation and breathing techniques to settle the nervous system and calm the mind..  This is a comprehensive practice designed to:

    • increase flexibility
    • tone and strengthen the body
    • soothe the mind
    • enhance the breath
    • boost wellness

Optional variations will be offered for those with more/less experience.

About Dina

Yoga and mindfulness have enhanced my life and continue to do so in so many beneficial ways, it would be churlish not to share.  But don’t expect incense and chanting: my style is more pragmatic, grounded in many years of practice and personal experience. Whether working with dancers at the Royal Opera House, executives at their workplace or the random mix of Londoners (and those from further afield that now attend my classes on Zoom), I am always learning. I’ve been teaching for 20 years, committed to continuing my training with some of the leading teachers worldwide, as well as training teachers myself.

Register your interest for classes with Dina to receive booking link and instructions: bookings@centralsynagogue.org.uk

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