Financial Representative – Stanley Salter

Photograph of Stanley Salter - Financial Representative

The Central Synagogue’s Financial Representative is Stanley Salter,  an accountant, who has been a member of the Synagogue for over 50 years. He previously served on the Synagogue Council, when he was responsible for security at the Synagogue. He was elected Financial Representative in May 2011. A keen cricket fan, Stanley now enjoys a busy life in consultancy and as treasurer for several charities.

Stanley’s history at the Synagogue

“I became a member of the Central Synagogue when my family moved into the area in 1963. But for a very short interlude when I moved to Wembley, while still retaining my membership, I have lived in the area ever since. As proof, I remember the first years of our membership when our seats for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur were in the Wolfson Hall overflow service, packed out!

“A few years ago I was responsible for security and saw more of the outside than the inside of the Shul. I am an accountant and was a partner in a firm of accountants for nearly 30 years. During that time, I was head of the London audit and accounts department as well as serving on executive, remuneration and marketing committees. I specialised in media and FCA regulated clients, as well as a number of charities.

“I now do consultancy work and am also on the board of several charities as treasurer, including a national children’s charity. I am very much into sport and was fortunate to visit India in March 2011 to see the Cricket World Cup – an experience never to be forgotten.

“Times have changed and it is apparent that there is a return to this area and the Shul. We are exceptionally fortunate in recruiting Rabbi Lerer and Rebbetzin Naomi to our Shul who together with Chazan Steven Leas make a formidable team. I look forward to working with them and with my fellow Council members.”

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