Shavuot Children’s Services and Baby Blessing

This event has passed

Sunday 12 June
Shavuot children’s service and Baby Blessing
(any babies born in the last 12 months. Please confirm attendance with the Shul Office on 020 7580 1355).

10:15 am ‘drop off’ for informal games
10:45 am Children’s Service start
11:35 am Baby Blessing
11:45 am Ice cream kiddush

Theme: Dairy delights!

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Event information

Shavuot Children’s Services and Baby Blessing
Sunday 12th June at 10:15am
Sunday 12th June at 11:45am
Central Synagogue London
Central Synagogue London
020 7580 1355
36 Hallam Street, London, W1W 6NW, United Kingdom

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