The ‘weight’ is over!


For some time now I have been feeling more and more like Luciano Pavaroti.

No, I don’t think I sing  like he did, but I’m afraid that I have eaten a little too much kugel at the Kiddushim and my waist line has exploded to a level worthy of a Master Sumo Wrestler!

Whilst some people might like the idea of having extra protection against stray bullets hitting them or extra padding incase of a fall, I would prefer, for reasons of both vanity and health (in that order), not to be this way.

I need to lose just over 1.5 stone (22 pounds).

In speaking to a few of you whilst piling in the cake at the Kiddush last week,  some of you expressed interest in joining me.

To this end I have decided on a 4 pronged plan of action and now need to rally the masses.


1. I would like to set a realistic, healthy time frame for our weight- loss “quest” , by suggesting that we set a goal of achieving our desired weight by Pesach next year (April 14th ).

Some of you have suggested Pesach 2020 as more realistic!

You may employ any weight-loss programme or aid. Some ideas might be, but are not limited to:

i. A dietician

ii. 5:2 diet

iii. Weighless

iv. Weightwatchers

v. Central Synagogue Diet (only fishballs and schmaltz herring)

vi. Hunger strike

I aim to start this already next week as I need to be able to fit into my tuxedo for the Chanukah season. We would all give our starting weight and then meet monthly to weigh ourselves and to lend support to each other.


2. In conjunction with this, I would like to start a twice weekly walking club, where we meet at the Synagogue and walk around Regent’s Park or other lovely walks for about 45 minutes.


3. I will be putting together an evening where we get a Kosher Celebrity Chef to come give us a cooking demo on how to make delicious low fat food, in order that our weight-loss adventure becomes a way of life, rather than a quick term solution.


4. I have engaged the services of one of the world’s leading cognitive behavioural therapists to come speak to us about ‘weight loss and the mind’.


So what are you “weighting “ for !

Email me: .


Speaking about weight-loss publicly can be daunting for many and I do hope that my “coming out” or more appropriately “rolling out” will inspire you to join me.



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