Our Purim Party with Western Marble Arch Synagogue was a blast!

This year it was Central Synagogue’s turn to host the evening and as usual we joined up with the Western Marble Arch and Rabbi Lionel Rosenfeld who was his usual brilliant self. He made us live the story!

Whilst this was happening, we also had Mr Marvel join us to entertain the kids and it was great to see so many young faces.

The most important part of any Jewish get together is the food and there was an abundance of this!!! Well done Ladies Guild for the delicious goujons with salads, herring and bridge rolls.

A few people took the challenge of not being able to differentiate between Haman and Mordechai (drinking does this!) and we have the pics to prove it!

The highlight of the evening was of course the annual central “Purim Show“.

Nicky Burns started the show to great acclaim with her own ‘Purimised’ version of “oom pah pah” from the musical “Oliver!” Eric Charles followed with a great version of “If I ruled the World“, except that he changed the words to “If I ruled the SHUL“. This was very funny and went down really well.

Our synagogue children sang Purim songs and songs from the musicals. Jonathan Leas sang O solo mio to the words of Adon Olam – this was really wonderful and afterwards we were treated to Emily Cohen who sang beautifully for us.

Lionel joined Steven in an unrehearsed “La Donna e Mobile” The English title, by the way, meaning “Women are fickle” – Brave!

Especial thanks to Kevin Lee who was here from Australia he played his harp to “Con te partiro” and was magnificent as was Sydney Pochin on his accordion.

In all a great night , completed by another reading of the Megilla the next morning at WMA with a fantastic breakfast as usual from Linda Sharpe.

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