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Photograph of Barry Marcus - Rabbi Video Shemini – Rabbi Marcus

Rabbi Marcus summarizes the contents of parashat Shemini. The topic of Kashrut is mentioned and Rabbi Marcus briefly talks about a common misconception related to our dietary laws.

Jewish London starts here!

When I first came to London for my semester abroad, I was nervous about the Jewish community. I knew there was a very large Jewish contingent in both…


With just a few days to go until the start of the marathon matzah eating festival, here are a few great song links for pesach that might inspire…

Malovany sings at the Central

Had you asked me a few years back whether a meeting of cantors to listen to someone talk in detail about Nusach would be of interest, I think…

Video Sidra Vayikra – Rabbi Marcus

This week we begin reading Sefer Vayikra, the third book of the Torah. Rabbi Marcus looks into the biblical practice of sacrificial offerings and today’s modern day equivalent.

Passover plate n the table with a glass of wine Countdown to Pesach

Pesach Passover commemorates when God freed the Jews from slavery in Egypt. The first two days and last two days are called Yom Tov, and the middle four…

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