Mazal tov – it’s a… new website!

Screen shot of the new central synagogue website on iphone

Our new website is like having a baby! Well, it has taken almost nine months of intensive planning and preparation. And we wanted to make sure that our new ‘baby’ would turn out to be beautiful.

As the instigator of this project, I wanted to say a personal “thank you” to the many people who were its progenitors; the begetters if you will.  There was Simon Levy of TICG who was responsible for its look and design. Simon had previously worked on and developed the BBC News website.  Craig Levison, our administrator, came up with some great ideas.  Gratitude also to the Honorary Officers for “green-lighting” the project as well as members of the Board, Synagogue staff and our Chazan, Steven Leas.

Most importantly, moving forward, it’s YOU, our members and visitors to whom we will be looking for support with recommendations, feedback and (this is key) actual content for this, YOUR site.

The site will of course be constantly growing and evolving over the coming months.

More features are planned with special emphasis on bringing in new members and their families. We especially welcome students studying in London with whom we already have a very special relationship.  We also want overseas visitors to join our Congregation even if you are just passing through. Please feel free to contact us by any means you wish.  Rabbi Barry Marcus and all of us at The Central warmly welcome you!

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