Board of Management

The Central Synagogue’s Board of Management members:

  • Kenny Arfin
  • David Baker
  • Jacqueline Charles
  • Valerie Cohen
  • Michael Fishberg
  • Aron Freedman
  • Ze’ev Galibov
  • Harvey Goldsmith
  • Ian Grant
  • Margaret Grant
  • James Hyman
  • Richard Midda
  • Carole Murray
  • Lois Peltz
  • Adrienne Phillips
  • Terry Samek
  • Daphne Schogger
  • Clarice Shamash

Representatives at the Board of Deputies

  • Jonathan Metliss
  • Maurice Shamash

Photograph of Barry Marcus - Rabbi Rabbi Marcus MBE – Vayakel / Pekudei

Vayakhel meaning ‘and He assembled’ refers to Moshe who gathered the nation together on the 11th of Tishri and instructed them to begin the actual construction of the…

Central-Seder-2016-co Communal Seder – 10th April

Journey with us back in time to our exodus from Egypt. Join Central Synagogue to celebrate the first night of Passover with a warm, traditional and communal atmosphere…

Purim-2017feat Photos of an amazing Purim

The New West End and Western Marble Arch Synagogues joined Central Synagogue in a wonderful show of unity on Sunday. Just under 200 people came together in Great…

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