Board of Management

The Central Synagogue’s Board of Management members:

  • Kenny Arfin
  • David Baker
  • Jacqueline Charles
  • Sara Cohen
  • Valerie Cohen
  • Michael Fishberg
  • Aron Freedman
  • Ze’ev Galibov
  • Diana Goldsmith
  • Harvey Goldsmith
  • Margaret Grant
  • James Hyman
  • Carole Murray
  • Lois Peltz
  • Adrienne Phillips
  • Terry Samek
  • Maurice Shamash

Representatives at the Board of Deputies

  • Jonathan Metliss
  • Maurice Shamash

Photo of Rabbi Barry Marcus VideoRabbi Marcus MBE – Haazinu

Today’s Sidra consists of one chapter with the first 43 verses written in poetic form and known as ‘Shirat Ha’azinu’ (literally the song of Ha’azinu) and is Moshe’s…

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